Free-to-use music for your online content

Monetize your content on YouTube with lo-fi music. It’s free to use our background music. 

How does it work?

Besides our premium beats that act as perfect background music, we also provide royalty free music that you can use for free for your Youtube videos. 

Follow these 4 simple steps

Visit Faerbeats Youtube Channel

Head over to our Youtube Channel to discover our amazing background music.

Select Your Desired Video

Pick a music video you’d like to use for your Youtube videos.

Check The Video Description

In the description of every video you’ll find the correct way to credit us, which is mandatory.  

Publish Your Youtube Video

Copy and paste the particular credit sentences in the description of your video.

Faerbeats Playlists

We have selected a few playlists for you to take a look at. Our collection ranges all from jazzy lo-fi to dark lo-fi music. A high change you’ll find a song you like. Click on the images and discover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! We hold all the rights to our music so our music is not copyright free; however, we allow the creators to use our music as long as our music receives the mandatory credit. If this does not happen, we take appropriate action to make sure our rights are enforced.

All the music that is uploaded on the Faerbeats Youtube Channel is free to use for your Youtube videos only. In addition to that you must have give us proper credit which you can find in the description of the particular Faerbeats Youtube video. You can find our premium music in the shop.

Yes, as long as you follow our crediting rules, you are allowed to monetize your non-commercial videos. Please keep in mind that this type of license does not cover music use in commercial videos (videos with the sole purpose of advertising or selling a product).

No, we do not permit anyone to create new music works using our original songs. This means that it’s not allowed to sample, edit, remix, add lyrics to or alter the original composition in any way or form.

Take a look at the description of the particular Youtube video. But this is what it comes down to and you need to put into the description of your Youtubevideo:

I use free background music in this video.
[Artist] – [Name Song]
Link to the music: [Put the link of the Youtube video here]

At the moment, we allow you to use music on YouTube only


In case you have a different question, contact us here.